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UNCLE SCROOGE: A Matter of Some Gravity FCBD 2014 EDITION
(W/A) Don Rosa
In “A Matter of Some Gravity” by fan-favorite Don Rosa, saucy sorceress Magica De Spell turns Scrooge’s life sideways — literally! — when she distorts the forces of gravity! Then, in “The Sign of the Triple Distelfink”, Lucky Gladstone Gander faces a 24-hour luck jinx — and battles to hide it from a gloating Cousin Donald! Only ever published in the USA in under-printed mid-1990’s editions, these Rosa classics are back like you’ve never seen them before!
32pgs, FC FREE!

[New post with both versions of the new cover— the one on the right is the 1:10 retailer incentive variant]

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    And now check out the PDF preview! The story itself has been nicely re-coloured and re-lettered too!
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