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I only like like…3 Van Halen songs, but I collect vintage concert posters and I found this rare gem from 1978 with Donald!! it’s so mediocre looking but I think it’s AWESOME and it’s MINE NOW~



"For those of you who weren’t lucky enough to meet the mad geniuses who created comics, Drew Friedman’s art gives you the best chance you’re going to have to see them through their smiles, the eyes that dreamed up fantastic worlds, and to get a hint of the lives they led." –Paul Levitz

"When Drew Friedman does something, you know it is much better than merely excellent. Here he salutes the pioneers, masterminds, and geniuses of a graphic form that delighted, excited, and scared the hell out of us. And we were enthralled by every panel." –Arnold Roth

"I am a cockeyed fan of the astonishingly wonderful artist/caricaturist Drew Friedman and his merciless honesty. It has been delightful to watch Friedman chase Hogarth, Kley, Nast, and them guys over the hill. He is to art what Guernica was to human observation." –Harlan Ellison

Heroes of the Comics: Portraits of the Legends of Comic Books
by Drew Friedman

184-page full color 9” x 12” hardcover • $34.99
ISBN: 978-1-60699-731-4

Due to arrive in about 2-4 weeks. Click the thumbnails for larger versions; get more info, see more previews and pre-order your copy here:

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epicaistar replied to your post: It exists but I can’t have it :(

Why? I get most of my books and other stuff online. Just check out Amazon or Ebay.…

I’m assuming I’m supposed to do this reply to the music(?), so go ahead and picture that. 

Can’t have it yet, it’s only for sale at SDCC right now. Not ‘til September for everywhere else.



They don’t make magazine covers like they used to. #DuckTales #NES


They don’t make magazine covers like they used to. #DuckTales #NES

Carl Barks’ promo art for San Diego Comic-Con in 1981

Carl Barks’ promo art for San Diego Comic-Con in 1981

Anonymous asked: wow ok honestly I have never met anyone that likes donald duck except for kids and very old people but I'm from the netherlands and I've collected nearly every single Donald Duck issue from the first one up until 2009 and I've just never done anything with it because no one I knew liked it but you just made me want to hang out with you and look through them forever




whoa seriously?? well I’m glad you followed me! The population of devoted Donaldists on tumblr is slowly dwindling but I’d be happy to show you the blogs who are still active in the fandom!


Donaldists of Tumblr assemble!

It exists but I can’t have it :(

It exists but I can’t have it :(